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BnT: Kaname by saeriin BnT: Kaname by saeriin
so much to do still lol;; rushing hardcore okay
it's 2 am i need to sleep
and yes she is my icon

 Manai, Kaname 【真名井 要】
Nickname: Kana
Gender: Female
Weight: 46.4 kg / 102 lbs
Birthday: 19/09 / September 19th
Blood type: AB+
Height: 155 cm / 5'1"
Age: 15
Grade: I (First year)
Club: Archery
Positive: Friendly | Optimistic | Hard-working | Focused
Negative: Forgetful | Indecisive | Over-sensitive | Selfish 

    To most people, Kaname is your typical kind-hearted friendly girl. Unless a person has made her feel uncomfortable, Kaname has always been known to greet people with a kind smile on her face. She is very sociable and has always enjoyed making friends. Kaname is also a very hard worker and very focused when she wants to accomplish something. She grew up around people who worked very hard to make a living, and therefore she learned that she needed to work hard if she was going to get any where. Due to this thinking she tends to over-exert herself. Whether it be in her school work or helping out at home, on many occasions she has been known to get sick because she hasn't rested properly and doesn't know when to stop. Kaname is also a very forgetful and indecisive person, which often affects the way things get done. Kaname has to give herself constant reminders, such as placing sticky notes in her room. Most also people tend to watch what they say around Kaname. After spending time with her, it is obvious that she is over-sensitive. When Kaname is upset she forgets about other people and how they feel, usually only thinking of herself, because of this usually over-exerts herself (more than usual) in her work. 

Rice cakes
Sticky notes
Hair accessories
Working hard
Lazy people
Rude people
Most meat (too much blood is involved for her to eat it)
Bug bites/stings
Needles/blood work


    Kaname was born a single child to a couple of farmers. Unfortunately, Kaname's mother died shortly after child-birth, so she grew up without a mother.  Even though it was like this, she was not very affected because she was so little. Kaname was very thankful for her father and the rest of her family that she lived with. Kaname lived on a farm in a relatively big traditional Japanese house with with more relatives than she could count. Kaname was a bubbly young girl, and whenever someone had a bad day she could always cheer them up. For a while, Kaname had only lived with her father, her uncle and aunt, and her grandparents. However, her uncle and aunt soon gave birth to Reiko, Kaname's little cousin. Due to the fact that the family didn't live in the closest proximity to their neighbours, Kaname spent much of her time playing with Reiko, and because of this Reiko became Kaname's best friend.  

    Kaname started kindergarten a few years after Reiko was born and found it to be very enjoyable, even though she often got in fights with spoiled children. If you asked Kaname what her favourite place was, she would say school. When it was time to enter elementary school she was very excited, and it was also around the same time that Reiko was entering school as well. Elementary school was a new adventure for her, but she enjoyed it all the more. 

    When Kaname was in her third year of elementary school, Hibiki was born. Hibiki was Reiko's little brother, and both Kaname and Reiko knew that they could not sleep with such a loud baby in the house. Kaname and Reiko had shared a room which was right next to the room of Reiko's parents and Hibiki, so the two girls were often found rarely getting any sleep. Luckily as time went on, Hibiki was not a screaming baby anymore and he soon shared a room with the two of them. It was around the same time that Kaname was starting middle school and with that she also started helping out on the farm. During this time period Kaname had developed the habit of over exerting herself, trying to keep on top of her school work and her work at home. She had gotten sick many times for this, and was even hospitalized a few times.

    It was finally her second year of middle school, and once again the house had been filled with a screaming baby. Kotori, the third and (hopefully) last of her aunt and uncle's children, was born. Kaname had felt as though her aunt and uncle couldn't stop having children, and despite the fact that she was finally in her own room, far away from where the baby was, she still had to lay in bed with a pillow covering her ears to drain out the sound. Lack of sleep didn't help her of course, when she was still constantly over exerting herself. Due to this Kaname found herself rushing to catch up with all the school she had missed. Luckily again for Kaname, Kotori grew to be a rather quiet baby after a few months, and for the most part the rest of Kaname's middle school life was peaceful. She hadn't a problem fitting in with others, and was constantly surrounded by many friends.

    Unfortunately Kaname's middle school life had come to an end, and she was upset by the fact that her friends would not be attending the same highschool as her, but she soon cheered up. Right after Kaname had graduated middle school there was a new member added to the household. Thankfully it was not another baby, but instead Kaname's older cousin Haruka, who was the son of her father's older sister. Haruka had come to work on the farm after he graduated high school. Spending time with her older cousin was highly enjoyable, and Haruka had been very popular with the kids. Spending time with her family had called for a very enjoyable summer, but soon it was time to go back to school. Kaname was anxious for her first year of high school, but decided that everything would be fine if she worked hard.

Manai Hachiro (68) & Manai Miwa (65) -paternal grandparents
Manai Haruto (47)  - father
Manai Asuka - mother (deceased, died at 31) 
Manai Akihito (43) - paternal uncle (Haruto's brother)
Manai Hana (39) - paternal aunt 
Manai Reiko (13) - paternal cousin 
Manai Hibiki (7) - paternal cousin
Manai Kotori (2) - paternal cousin
Doi Haruka (19) - paternal cousin (son of Haruto's sister)

Additional Info: 
Kaname is hemophobic and goes pale every time she sees blood.
✿Kaname's family own a fruit and vegetable farm (mainly vegetables, they also own a vineyard.
✿Kaname also can't stand looking at injuries or watching people get sick
She joined the archery club because it stood out the most to her and she couldn't find a club she really wanted to join, but ended up really liking archery.
Kaname always carries sticky notes with her.

please do not trace, copy, repost, sell, distribute or make bases out of my art without my permission.
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