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January 22
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M-H: Misaki by saeriin M-H: Misaki by saeriin


edit: aaa i got it//! feel free drop a comment and rp with me!!

so many groups omg// this one looked really cute tho okay i had to--


Okuma, Misaki 【大隈 美咲


▶ Misa 

▶ Mii 

▶ Saki (pls don't call her this)

given by siblings:

▶ Misa(ki)-nee  

▶ Misa(ki)-nee-chan 


▶ onee-chan

nicknames usually with honorifics!

Age: 16

Date of birth: August 15th ▶ Leo 

Year: 2nd year (II) 

Class: 2-A

Height: 5'6"  169 cm

Weight: 117 lbs ▶ 53 kg

Gender: Female 

Boarding school or home? Home 

Club: Football Club President

Orientation: Pansexual

Personality traits:

▶     A rather common first impression of Misaki is that she doesn't want to be bothered. Without noticing, Misaki may come off as rude, especially if you are someone who irritates her (she is quite irritable), however she is always polite with adults and those of authority, and even certain classmates or upperclassmen. Around most of her classmates she is most likely to act indifferent and calm. Once Misaki is more comfortable with an individual she is more likely to yell at them for saying stupid things or express her concern. Misaki is very protective of her friends and siblings, though she is not very clingy, and is often one to get worried easily. Misaki has a tendency to over react when it comes to things that piss her off. Although she tries to control herself, and usually has good self-control, her efforts usually seem to go to waste.

▶     Misaki is constantly seen to be the strict and caring older sister. She is more likely to scold her siblings than her parents are, and keeps them in order making sure they do their best. Due to the fact that she felt her siblings were put in her care at quite a young age, she has learned to be responsible and fairly mature for her age. Although she will seem to be rather annoyed by her siblings (especially coming to school in the mornings after waking up her siblings) she is rather affectionate with them and loves them a lot. Misaki is also super macho and tough bye


♥ Obon (aka her birthday)

♥ Her siblings

♥ Sweets

♥ Takoyaki

♥ Food in general

♥ Sports

♥ Singing/music


✖ Winter (her younger siblings always get colds so she'll be the one taking care of them--)

✖ Messes (her little siblings make a lot of messes

✖ Yelling children

✖ Being disrupted/annoyed

✖ Being told she needs to act more feminine

✖ Frilly girly things (on her at least-)

✖ Wearing dresses/skirts (not the really fancy/fashionable ones// she's okay with fairly casual ones)

✖ When her siblings are picky and don't eat her food SHE WORKED SO HARD FOR YOU GUYS//chokes


▶ Okuma Goro - grandfather (70)

▶ Okuma Kaori - grandmother (64)

▶ Okuma Akihiko - father (45)

▶ Okuma Chinatsu - mother (40)

▶ Okuma Satoshi - brother (11)

▶ Okuma Junko - sister (9)

▶ Okuma Takahiro - brother (7)

▶ Okuma Masamune - brother (5)

▶ Okuma Keiko - sister (4) 

Additional Info:

▶ Her mother is paralysed from the waist down because of a car accident she was in and she has developed a poor immune system- her father usually takes care of her when needed (mostly helps her get around and all that), along with Misaki's grandparents, so Misaki has to look after her siblings most of the time (although her grandparents help).

▶ Whenever Misaki's siblings are sick, it's pretty much her alone. Her mother can't really go near them because of her immune system, and Misaki's father doesn't want to be near them too much in fear that he'll get her mother sick. Misaki's grandparents are also fairly old and don't want to get sick either- so Misaki being the young spring chicken she is has to take care of her sick siblings (and they usually get the others sick so it's pm her against 5 sick children misaki i'm sorry i did this to you)

▶ Whenever she gets hurt her younger siblings plaster her in colourful band aids to make her feel better.

▶ She gets hurt a lot playing sports and getting in fights with hardcore neighbourhood thugs.

▶ Don't hurt her cubs. //cHOKES

▶ Neighbourhood kids like to call her the "large bear" because on several instances she has terrified the kids who have bullied her siblings, and during those instances they believed her to be resembling a large mother bear. 

▶ The hair tie she wears was given to her by her youngest sister Keiko, who had bought it especially for her when she went shopping with their mother, because of this she treasures it and wears it almost everyday, otherwise she would not wear it.

▶ Voice: 秋赤音

please do not trace, copy, repost, sell, distribute or make bases out of my art without my permission.

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