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March 12, 2013
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TH: Ayumi by saeriin TH: Ayumi by saeriin

edit3: omg i need to fix the info flies away aND I REMOVED THE APP FROM THE GROUP??WOW I'M SMART WEEPS
edit2: finally revamped ayumi!! (●´□`)♡ old app:
edit: aaa omg my babu was accepted!!! (●´∀`●)
if you wanna rp i'll rp through comments, notes and skype!! please be nice to my babu even tho she probably won 't be very nice @ first //k ickd

Watanabe, Ayumi 【渡辺 あゆみ】

Ayu Ayumu Yumu Yumi





November 6th ▶ Scorpio ♏

4'8" / 142 cm

90 lbs / 40.9 kg


Third year



♥ Reading
♥ Baking
♥ Studying
♥ Being alone (to an extent)
♥ Tea
♥ Mochi
♥ Most sweets
♥ Fairy tales/folk stories
♥ Pink/frilly things
♥ Cute plushies/things
♥ Kittens
♥ Violin music
♥ Haruo (cousin) (she would never admit it but they're like best friends okay)
Ichirou (childhood friend) (she would also never admit to this)
♥ Shoujo manga
♥ People who are shorter than her

✖ Spicy foods, dairy etc.
✖ Spring allergies
 Loud and annoying things
✖ Crowded places
 Failing/bad grades
✖ Coffee
✖ Alcohol
✖ Sexual/perverted things
✖ Cluttered places
✖ People who are taller than her
Ichirou (childhood friend)


 Stubborn Prude  Reserved ▶ Responsible  Honest  Blunt  Fastidious ▶ Tsundere  Studious  Intelligent

    Ayumi was born to a rich and intelligent couple in Japan. Her mother was a doctor and her father was a successful business man for a big company, due to this they did not have enough time to spend with their daughter and she was left with a nanny. During the nights, Ayumi would make a fuss. She would constantly cry and need her diaper changed, so her parents hired a night nanny for they were too tired to take care of their daughter.

    When they were home, Ayumi's parents would always let her get away with fits at home, so when she started pre-school she would scream and throw tantrums to get her way. She was very loud, impatient and stubborn, so naturally none of the children wanted to be her friend and all of the teachers thought she was a brat.

    Once she entered elementary school, she was much more well mannered. Still, that did not change he amount of friends she had. She would spend any free time she had reading books, instead of hanging out with other students, she would eat lunch alone, and when people would talk to her she would answer with a quick broad reply hoping they would go away.

    She enjoyed acting like she was smarter than everyone else, which was true. She had a tutor at home that would help her with anything she didn't understand and would teach her lessons in advance so she's understand before her teacher got to the lesson. She started reading before starting school due to the fact that her nanny loved books and would always read to her.

    In middle school Ayumi hadn't changed. She still had no friends, and would enjoy if people left her alone rather than speak to her. She would score the highest on exams. She started acting annoyed when other students would speak to her and wouldn't get out of the house. During Ayumi's last year of middle school, her parents finally started to notice that their daughter was isolated and in an attempt to get her to make her friends they decided she needed a change of scenery and later on, decided to send her to Tachikawa High.

    Although Ayumi refused to show it, she was excited to go to Tachikawa High. She wanted to try making friends this time and started working hard to make sure people would actually like her.

Additional Info:

 She's allergic to nuts
▶ She has asthma
▶ She gets bad spring allergies
 She is lactose intolerant and cannot eat spicy foods foods that will be hard on her stomach, etc.
 She's always wanted a pet but never got to keep one
▶ Haruo is her cousin
Ichirou is her childhood friend (kind of she sort of hates him wOOPS)
She's secretly wanted friends this whole time but just didn't know how to make friends
▶ She's a picky eater (a lot of things make her sick so)
▶ 32A cupAyumi I'm sorry


 "I like being alone."
▶ "Do you need anything? If you do, please don't ask me."
▶ "I have no time for such a trivial thing like friends."
▶ "You have actually have a brain? Well that's odd."
▶ "Have you ever heard of personal space? Please step back."
▶ "Umm, I can't eat that."

please do not trace, copy, repost, sell, distribute or make bases out of my art without my permission.
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